Terminal Automation Systems

Flexible and secure. Tailored to your operation.

Make Your Terminal Operations Sing

Eliminate data and workflow silos and run your bulk liquid storage operations from a single platform with a Dearman Terminal Automation System.

Open System



   Distributed Software      Applications

Web Browser


Field Instrumentation

and Data Sources


Centralized, Usable Data Warehouse

Detailed Terminal Visualization

Extensive Standard


Flexible Product


Order-Based, Online Processing

Flexible, Scalable Terminal Automation Systems

From small facilities with limited instrumentation to large sites with all the bells and whistles, we've got you covered.

RTG - Ready To Go Terminal Automation

  • Entry-level product designed for small to medium sized operations to economically automate with a high-quality Terminal Automation System for a fraction of the cost of traditional “one-size-fits-all” systems

  • RTG is designed to be remotely installed and comes in standard communication configurations (2-port or 4-port), depending on the number of instruments you need to control

  • Since RTG does not need to be customized, you can get your operations humming in a short time

  • RTG comes ready to go, virtually right out of the box

  • Dearman's premier Terminal Automation System offers unmatched flexibility and virtually limitless customization capabilities

  • handles hardware interfaces, process control, and secure-access management for your bulk petroleum, chemical, renewable fuels, aviation, LNG, or LPG terminal

  • Weigh scales, volume and mass metering, and manual loading are all supported

  • The interface is designed to allow you to remotely access and manage your terminals from anywhere in the world using a web browser

Key Features

Open System

Open system foundation can communicate with almost any device and system with a published (or known) protocol; flexibility to communicate with legacy administrative systems and any presets, controls, or devices.

Detailed Terminal Visualization

Detailed standard Human Machine Interface terminal graphics provide a real-time visualization of terminal activity with user-configurable design.

Efficient Customization

Additions or updates can be quickly implemented and only require adding or updating pieces of the program, not the entire application.

Extensive, Standard Reporting

Choose from an extensive selection of standard reports with automated E-Mail or Fax distribution to any number of recipients in format of choice.

Distributed Software Applications

Multiple copies of application modules can be distributed across any number of computers in any configuration.

Web Browser Based

No Proprietary viewers are needed: users can access Dearman's Terminal Automation Systems directly from the Internet.

Flexible Product Allocations

Virtually any allocation method is possible: You dictate exactly who gets what product, where, when, and how much. Allocations are configurable for any combination of products, terminal or terminal groups.

Order-Based, Online Processing

Supports automatic and pre-dispatched orders, locally entered orders, bulk shipment/receipt order, TABS and TDS, order and product authorization, and ELVIS.

Terminal Graphics Builder

Take complete control of your terminal's process management functions and monitor product movement in real-time.


Load Monitoring

  • Terminal status and activity

  • Current bay status and activity

  • Current gate status and activity

  • Current scale status and activity

  • Terminal alarms