Terminal Automation Software

Flexible and secure. Tailored to your operation.

The Terminal Automation Experts

Dearman is the most reliable and cost effective way to automate your terminal. Just ask the 100s of companies who have already done it.


A flexible and customizable system that doesn’t require you to modify your operations.


Dearman is easy to implement and works with a wide variety of meters, gauges, scales, and PLCs.


Utilize existing instrumentation or purchase what you want — we integrate with anything.

Why Automate with Dearman Systems?

Our software delivers process improvement and cost savings. It can be implemented on any type of terminal — Including bulk petroleum, chemical, asphalt, renewable fuels, aviation, liquified natural gas (LNG), and liquified petroleum gas (LPG) terminals.

Bulk Liquid Storage Companies Running Their Operations with Dearman Systems


Make Your Terminal Operations Sing

When all your meter skids, weight scales, tank gauging systems, and access control systems are connected to a single system, you’ll feel like the conductor of an orchestra.

Connects to all devices, scales, and field instruments

Flexible Integrations

Pre-set product movement and measurement

Load Authorization

Integrated with your access control system


Know who has what product and where it’s located

Inventory Management


Terminal Automation Features

Keep track of upcoming orders to ensure you can fill them

Order Management

Visualize operations including rack activity and tank level information

Terminal Visualization

Automatic generation of custody transfer documents to ensure accuracy


Ensure stakeholders get the reports they need on the schedule you set

Report Distribution

Flexible, Scalable Terminal Automation Systems

From small facilities with limited instrumentation to large sites with all the bells and whistles, we've got you covered. When your terminal increases capacity, scale from RTG to TAS.NET without switching your system.

RTG (Ready To Go)

  • For small to medium-sized operations and transloading sites

  • Standard communication configurations (2-port or 4-port), depending on number of instruments you need to control

  • Rapid installation process


  • Can handle terminal of any size or product type

  • Can integrate with unlimited number of flow meters, weight scales, PLCs, tank gauging devices, and access control systems

  • Fully customizable and installation timeline depends on project scope

Key Benefits

Dearman’s terminal automation systems will save you time and money and improve your operations in many ways. All parties that interact with your terminal will notice a more seamless experience.

Enhanced Security

Dearman integrates with your access control system so you can ensure authorized parties are moving product.

Maximize Profits and Increase Throughput

Automation systems allow you to get the most out of your storage capacity and scale your business using technology.

Ensure Safety and Government Compliance

Use the system to enforce safety protocols and generate required government reporting.

Eliminate Errors

Documentation, reports, and invoices are automatically filled out with device data retrieved by the system.

More Resilient Operations

Terminal automation systems allow you to digitally define your operations in a repeatable, structured format.

Real-Time Information and Controls

Automate manual processes and monitor product movement in real-time.

One Central System

Centralized and automated product movement and measurement increases efficiency, reduces costs, and increases accuracy.

Reliable Remote Access

Remotely control your operations and access the system from any computer or mobile device.


Terminal Graphics Builder

Take complete control of your terminal's process management functions and monitor product movement in real-time.


Load Monitoring

  • Terminal status and activity

  • Current bay status and activity

  • Current gate status and activity

  • Current scale status and activity

  • Terminal alarms