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Enterprise Reporting & Business Intelligence

Unify all company data, create reports, and unlock insights across your organization.


Dearman Systems Builds Integration with Microsoft Power BI

Powerful Data Aggregation.
Actionable Real-Time Insights.

Powered by UNITY, the Dearman Automation Platform aggregates and normalizes data from across your terminal assets. With all your data in one place, it’s easier to run reports and derive insights.


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Data Sources


Process & Prepare

Dearman Unity Engine

End User Insights


It's Your Data. View it How You Want to.

To view your data, you can utilize Dearman Native Reports or the Business Intelligence app of your choice. Or you can utilize both — most companies do.

Native Reports 

When you buy our UNITY product, it comes with extensive operational and functional reports. If you don’t see the report you need, we will build it for you.

What to Know: These reports run automatically and are distributed by email.

3rd Party BI Application (BI Integration)

We will integrate UNITY with the Business Intelligence tool of your choice. This empowers your team to generate reports on their own and customize their dashboards.

What to Know: The Dearman team provides ongoing support of the integration to ensure your data is flowing.

Key Features and Benefits

Inventory, Allocations, Orders, Product Movement, Operational KPIs — You name the report and our system will provide it.

Flexible and Comprehensive

Consume data from UNITY in the user interface/application that makes sense for your function and company.

Automatic Distribution

Reports are automatically distributed to internal and external stakeholders based on the logic you set.

All Your Data in One Place

UNITY can aggregate data from multiple terminal automation systems, ERPs, accounting systems and other corporate systems.

Faster Reporting

Anyone at your company can know what’s happening at all of your terminals, basically the moment it happens.