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RIN Management and EPA Compliance

Dearman handles the generation, transfer, inventory management, and compliance reporting of RINs for obligated parties.

Assign RINs and track them through the distribution system

RIN Management Software for Producers, Importers, and Distributors

The EPA RIN Handling and Compliance component of the Dearman Enterprise Management system handles not only the generation of RINs as required for producers or importers of renewable fuels, but also the transfer, inventory management, and compliance reporting of RINs by obligated parties involved in the distribution of renewable fuels. Each year, the registered refiners, blenders and importers obligated to meet the renewable volume requirement must acquire sufficient RINs to demonstrate compliance with their volume obligation. Excess RINs can be traded, auctioned, sold, etc. with other obligated parties who are "short" for their production.

The 38 character RINs are assigned to all gallons of renewable fuels at time of production and must be transferred with the volumes of renewable fuel as they move through the distribution system until ownership of those volumes is assumed by an obligated party or a party that converts the renewable fuel into motor vehicle fuel. Quoting the standard: 


“On each occasion any person transfers ownership of renewable fuels subject to this regulation, that transferor must provide the transferee with documents identifying the renewable fuel and containing the identifying information that includes: the name and address of the transferor and transferee, the EPA issued company identification number of the transferor and transferee, the volume of renewable fuel that is being transferred, the date of the transfer, and each associated RIN. These types of documents must be used by all parties in the distribution chain down to the point where the renewable fuel is blended into conventional gasoline or diesel.”

Dearman’s Terminal Automation and Enterprise Management systems are able to handle manual or automatic RIN generation and the placement of the RIN upon the required documents - depending on your business rules. The RIN and associated transaction data can also be passed to a marketing company or corporate office via electronic file feed for EPA compliance and reporting purposes.

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