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Bulk Liquid Storage Companies Automating With Dearman Systems

Customer stories: Integrated operations and reliable custody transfer

At Dearman Systems, we always put our customers first. When they succeed, we succeed.

From our range of terminal automation systems and enterprise software products to our industry-leading customer support, Dearman delivers solutions that work. And we have decades of experience automating a wide-variety of terminals including crude oil, refined products, liquefied natural gas, propane, and renewable fuels.

Automation can be complicated, and the Dearman team is here to implement and support reliable solutions that fit your business. When done right, automation and terminal management software can level up your business to increase efficiency, provide real-time insights, and improve the customer experience.

NGL Supply Terminal Company

A Dearman customer for nearly 10 years, NGL Supply Terminal Company (a subsidiary of NGL Energy Partners) automates over 20 terminals with Dearman Systems and utilizes our multi-terminal unification platform to aggregate data across all their assets.

John Fansher, Director of Operations at NGL Supply Terminal Company, had this to say about Dearman: "NGL Supply Terminal Company, LLC began our relationship with Dearman Systems, LLC in 2012 when our TAS vendor was unable to revive a failed system and resume our operations. Dearman Systems came to our rescue and our relationship remains strong today."


A new Dearman customer, AmeriGas is utilizing Dearman Systems’ Terminal Automation to automate the Company’s metered and weight scale based product distribution terminals across the United States.

Dearman is proud to work with the United States’ largest propane company to help them streamline their operations and achieve their digital transformation goals.

Amerigas’ Director, Process Improvement, Kimberly Woodworth, had this to say about working with Dearman: “Dearman's customer service is hands down the best I have received from any supplier.”

Omega Partners

A long time Dearman customer, Omega Partners and its subsidiary’s own and operate bulk liquid petroleum terminals that receive, store and deliver products via pipelines, railcars, barges, ships and trucks. Our customers are major and independent oil, distribution, trading and agriculture companies. We are independently owned and operated with corporate offices in St. Louis, Missouri.

Omega’s Larry Wright (Manager, Terminal Operations) had this to say about Dearman: "Dearman Systems, LLC has automated 7 terminals for Omega Partners since 2007. We are currently in the process of installing another Dearman system to a recently purchased facility. We upgraded 2 of our facilities to latest version of the Dearman system in 2021 as well. They have provided professional services and annual remote support for our terminals to our satisfaction."

Bluewing Midstream

Bluewing Midstream provides terminaling services including bulk storage, blending, heating, and transloading at their terminals at the Port of Brownsville, TX. Bluewing Midstream was founded in July 2015 and is headquartered in Houston, Texas.

Bluewing has utilized Dearman’s terminal automation ( and UNITY) to efficiently scale from 50k bbls to 2.1mm bbls of storage capacity over the past few years. By leaning on automation, Bluewing actually decreased their administrative labor costs by over $300,000 during this period.

Danny Malone, Bluewing’s VP of Project Management (Operations, Engineering & Construction) had this to say about working with Dearman: “What sets Bluewing apart, according to Malone, is that the company is “probably the most technologically advanced terminal. The majority of terminal space is fully automated,” he states. “That means that the customer, at any given time, can log into a terminal automation system and see on a screen exactly where their product is, what’s been moved, what truck is loaded, and where it’s at in the loading process. All of that works seamlessly. Customers are able to see where their product is from start to finish and they really like that.””

Bluewing has doubled down on technology to better manage orders and give their customers more insight on their product movements.

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