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Inventory Management

Track all your inventory in one place and fully trace product movement

The leading Inventory Management business app for the bulk liquid storage and distribution industry

Collect data from any source and store all the inventory transaction data fields you need. Always know who owns what and where it is.


Automatic Data Collection


Manual Upload

Accurate Product Tracing


Central System of Record

Key Features and Benefits

  • Features:

    • Consolidate transactions from one or more terminal automation systems (such as our RTG or, as well as non-automated systems, barge and ship terminals, and transaction processing services such as TABS or PETROEX

    • Manual transactions can be added, voided, or modified directly to the Inventory system as needed while the imported transactions can be modified in the source system as needed

    • Product, Tank/Carrier, Ownership, and Terminal tracking of transactions on both the source and target sides provide the foundation for a robust reporting system - a full audit trail is provided

    • Standardized entity data such as product, product group, position holder, supplier, exchanger, customer, destination, and carrier

  • Benefits:
    • Reduced management hours with improved accuracy and structure

    • Automatic and/or manual data collection capabilities

    • Robust standard reporting capabilities: standard reports include Daily Inventory Report, Daily Ownership Report, Daily Gauge Report, among others

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