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RTG - Ready-To-Go Terminal Automation



Dearman's affordable RTG (Ready-To-Go) Terminal Automation system is designed to be installed remotely and comes in two standard communication configurations (2-port or 4-port) depending on the number of instruments you need to control. Remote installation eliminates field installation costs from us and standardized configuration virtually eliminates customization. And just like, RTG can be used via the Internet as well as locally, providing a secure and efficient system to remotely access and manage terminals from anywhere in the world. A web-based subscription version (RTG-S) is also available.


  • Specifically engineered for Microsoft® Windows® Server using Microsoft® .Net, ASP.Net, AJAX Controls, Microsoft® SQL, and Microsoft®

  • Reporting Services

  • Open architecture design allows flexibility to communicate with legacy administrative systems and modern presets, controls, or devices with published or open protocols

  • Metric and US volume and mass supported

  • Extensive product allocation control

  • Complete set of reconciliation reports

  • Complete set of entity reports for customer, carrier, driver, etc.

  • Multiple languages supported (at electronic presets only)

  • BOLs and reports are created in PDF and stored in the database

  • All PDF files can be printed or E-mailed automatically or manually

  • HMI graphics screens (supported on primary PC only)

  • User friendly entity maintenance screens (data searchable by id or name)

  • Easy access to valuable data in usable formats for admin system use

  • Supports order entry from any connected workstation and primary PC

  • Integrated RIN generation and tracking as required by the EPA's Renewable Fuel Standard

  • Integrated TWIC Interface to TSA approved readers

  • Integrated TransCore® RFID Reader Interface for rail car or truck identification and monitoring

  • Includes up to 8 hours of remote start up support

  • Optional 24 x 7 or 8 x 5 remote support and maintenance

  • Integrated ExSTARS 4030 v2.2.4 reporting available (additional cost)

  • Network connection available to Dearman's UNITY server for enterprise applications (additional cost)

  • Optional support for up to 4 workstations (additional cost)

  • NTEP Certified (National Type Evaluation Program Certificate of Conformance for Weighing and Measuring Devices - Certificate # 07-113)


  • Smith Meter® AccuLoad® II (All Models)

  • Smith Meter® AccuLoad® III (All Models)

  • Smith Meter® AccuLoad® IV (All Models)

  • Smith Meter®®

  • Smith Meter®®

  • Daniels DanLoad 6000

  • Emerson DL8000 Preset Controller

  • Toptech MultiLoad II

  • Toptech MultiLoad II Slate

  • Micromotion Mass Flow Meter (MOBUS® RTU)

  • Avery Scale

  • Fairbanks Scale

  • Toledo Scale

  • Blend-Pak and Mini-Pak

  • Any injector controlled by any supported preset

  • Scully Groundhog

  • Scully Intellitrol®

  • Scully Intellitrol® V.I.P.® (Vehicle Identification Prover®)

  • TransCore® Encompass® 4 RFID Reader

  • Automated Tank Gauging – GSI ASCII or any with MODBUS® RTU

  • PLC – MODBUS® RTU (serial or TCP/IP)

  • Opto-22 Optimux

  • Allen-Bradley® Industrial Computers and Monitors

  • Dearman Systems, LLC. Data Entry Unit

  • HID Proximity badge reader

  • Smith Meter® Proximity Card Reader

  • Any supported preset as data entry

  • OPC, RTU, ARTS-NEDAP, HMI connection

  • Innometriks Inc. Rhino Biometric Reader

Please contact us if you do not see your system or device. We are continually adding to our list of supported systems.

We provide customization, consulting, site evaluations, site start-up, web services and training. We offer 24 x 7 or 8 x 5 Remote Support and Maintenance.

Contact us today to schedule a demo of our system.

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