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What is a Terminal Automation System?

A terminal automation system integrates field instrumentation using process control to automate load authorization, product movement, product measurement, documentation, and reporting.

What is Terminal Automation Software?

Terminal automation software automates certain manual processes in a terminal, specifically around products being moved in and out of the terminal by various transportation methods. The software is flexible and typically open to integration with other systems, including access control. Terminal automation systems contain logic called process control that enable operators to control field devices in an orchestrated manner and utilize data from these devices for practical business functions. These systems often bridge the gap between the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Terminal Automation System



Controls (PLC)

Field Devices and Instruments

Key Benefits

Reduce Engineering and Maintenance Costs and Time

Increase Productivity and Make Operators More Effective

Improve Customer Experience

Better Protect People,
Facility Assets, and the

Automation Gives Operators Complete Control

Dearman handles hardware interfaces, process control, and secure-access management for your bulk petroleum, chemical, renewable fuels, aviation, liquified natural gas (LNG) or liquified petroleum gas (LPG) terminal. 

Supported Measurement Types


Weigh Scales


Manual Loading


Volume &

Mass Metering


Dearman's Terminal Automation Systems

We have out-of-the-box solutions for small operators as well as fully-customizable systems for large-scale operations.

RTG - Ready-To-Go Terminal Automation

For small to medium sized operations, RTG is designed to be remotely installed and comes in standard communication configurations (2-port or 4-port) depending on the number of devices you need to control.

Highly scalable and customizable, can connect to an unlimited number of instruments to fully integrate your terminal operations.

Terminal Graphics Builder

Utilizing drag and drop technology, the Dearman Terminal Graphics Builder software creates a graphical representation of the distributed process lines employed within your facility and integrates the PLCs, process controllers, pumps, and motor operated valves of those process lines into a fully interactive system. With control over the individual subsystems, the overall process can then be managed centrally and represented graphically as a complete system.


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