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Introducing LYNX: The Order Management & Logistics Application for the Bulk Liquid Storage Industry

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

Delivering a superior customer experience to the bulk liquid storage industry

Dearman Systems is pleased to announce the availability of our LYNX application. Developed over the past 1.5 years with an innovative industry partner, LYNX is on the cutting edge of fuel logistics software and delivers a superior customer experience for all parties in the supply chain.

The self-service portal for optimized order management

LYNX connects terminal operators, position holders, and customers in a real-time, self-service portal for optimized order management. It is available for a variety of transportation methods including truck, rail, and barge. Inside the LYNX application, there are unique features to adequately handle the ins and outs of each transportation method.

LYNX vastly improves operations, customer satisfaction, and enterprise-wide security

  • Self-service order submissions: Dearman’s customers’ customers can submit orders through the LYNX application

  • Real-time status listings: Customers, position holders, and terminal operators can watch product movements and order statuses in a real-time dashboard

  • Reduced communication: With customers scheduling their own loads in the system, you can significantly reduce tedious emails and calls to free up your work force

    • This also enhances security by limiting manual email and the chance of phishing attacks

  • Central source of record for orders: Ultimate transparency and ease of managing daily work flows for all parties in the supply chain

  • More efficient operations and rapid issue resolution: Allows terminal operators to more efficiently manage workflow and quickly identify issues

Specialized features for each transportation method

LYNX is available for Truck, Rail, and Marine (Barge).

  • LYNXTruck

  • LYNXRail

  • LYNXMarine

Watch the video below to see how LYNXTruck works:

Watch the video below to see how LYNXRail works

Contact us for a demo!

If you have any questions or would like a demo of LYNX from a product specialist, please contact us here or email us at


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