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The Data Management Platform for the Midstream, Downstream, and Bulk Liquids Storage Industries

Your messy data problem is…messy

Your terminals, storage facilities, and gathering sites are your most critical assets. Gathering real-time data from these sites and pushing the data to the correct application and reporting system is a chief business concern.

How are you solving this problem today? With many applications and manual processes?

Are your business groups (finance, accounting, operations, c-suite, etc) getting the data that they need? What about your customers and 3rd party carriers?

But the solution is…simple

Enter Dearman’s Data Management Platform, which solves this problem from point of data capture to end consumption.

The Dearman Platform helps midstream, downstream, and bulk liquids storage and logistics companies to:

  • Lower costs

  • Reduce administrative errors

  • Generate useful reports and insights

  • Increase throughput and revenue

Components of the Data Management Platform

The Platform consists of 3 products:

  • Terminal Automation Software: Dearman’s terminal automation software connects to field devices (flow computers, weight scales, PLCs, etc) to control loading sequences and terminal access, automate reporting and BOL generation, and simplify inventory management. Dearman’s terminal automation software structures field and operational data so it can be easily consumed by other applications.

  • UNITY: UNITY aggregates data across multiple terminals or storage facilities into a single database in real-time to streamline reporting and create a single point of connection for other applications.

  • LYNX: LYNX is a customer and carrier portal that provides self-service access to administrative data (suppliers, destinations, etc), completed orders, scheduled orders, allocations, and inventory. Additionally, LYNX provides carrier management functionality for easily tracking carriers, drivers, trailers and the required certifications.

A revenue-generating cost-saver?

With regards to cost savings for terminal operators, Dearman’s terminal automation software can save you approximately $160k per terminal per year, and that’s only the beginning. By implementing the full Data Management Platform and achieving “Level 3 of Terminal Automation”, you save additional administrative expenses and enhance your customer experience — with real-time data that allows for better decision making and increased profits for your customers.

Win win situation

Implementing the Dearman Systems’ Data Management Platform is a win-win situation for you as a midstream/terminal operator and your customers. You will have clean data from all of your operations leading to cost savings and better insights. Your customers will have a digital portal for interacting with your business that simplifies their administrative workload and makes it easy for them to do business with you.

Interested in a demo of the platform? You can reach out here.


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