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How Pre-Dispatched Orders Save Time and Money for Terminal Operators and Their Customers

Driving Meaningful Process Improvement with Software in the Bulk Liquids Storage, Midstream, and Downstream Industries

Traditionally, many terminal operators have allowed truck drivers to simply show up and lift

products for their customers. This process can create administrative errors with BOLs and

reporting as well as long rack wait times for truck drivers — causing terminal congestion and angry


Bluewing Midstream leveraged Dearman Systems' LYNX web application to create a more organized product lifting process, allowing customers to schedule orders ahead of time while tying them automatically with truck drivers – ultimately reducing rage-inducing rack wait times and inventory reporting errors.

Scenario #1: Truck Shows up to the Terminal (No LYNX)

Key Issues with This Method:

  • Lack of visibility into the loading process

  • Trucks showing up all at once

  • Traffic management — Directing drivers to racks

  • Data entry errors leading to longer load times and reporting issues

  • Drivers pulling product for the wrong customers

Scenario #2: Scheduled Product Liftings Through LYNX

A Smarter Loading Process Where All Parties Win

When orders are scheduled through LYNX, all parties can watch the loading process from end to

end. The driver knows where to go when he arrives, he always lifts the right order, and reporting

issues are eliminated.

LYNX Features:


  • Self-service administration, including customer onboarding

  • Carrier access for managing drivers, trailers, and certificates

Order Management

  • Structured order input, approval process, and live tracking

  • Self-service completed order and BOL lookup


  • Real-time data visualization (liftable inventory) and historical reporting (shipments)


  • Allocations management (physical and credit)

  • Manage allocations on customer by customer basis, product by product

The Results

Bluewing Midstream has utilized Dearman LYNX as a cornerstone of its operations to successfully scale its terminal business from 50K BBLS to ~2.6MM BBLS of storage capacity, while reducing administrative G&A by over $300k and increasing revenue by over 5X.

About Bluewing Midstream

Bluewing was founded in July of 2015 with the aim to acquire, develop, and operate energy

infrastructure along the Gulf Coast. Headquartered in Houston, TX we have partnered with Energy

Spectrum - a well-established private equity firm located in Dallas, TX. Our assets are strategically

located in Brownsville, TX to serve the South Texas, Mexico, and other international markets.

About Dearman Systems

Founded in 1988, Dearman Systems is a data management platform that helps midstream and

downstream companies to lower costs, reduce administrative errors, automate reporting, and

increase revenue. Dearman's strong customer roster includes Chevron, Enterprise Products, NGL

Energy Partners, Colonial Pipeline, Keyera, Energy Transfer and many other leading companies.


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