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Case Study: Bluewing Midstream's Success with Dearman Systems

As a terminal owner and operator, Bluewing has utilized Dearman as a cornerstone of its operations to successfully grow its business from 50k bbls to 1.5MM bbls storage capacity, while significantly reducing administrative labor costs.

Relationship Overview:

  • Core product buy in: Bluewing has become closely aligned with the Dearman team/product suite and has embraced the value proposition of the Dearman terminal automation system

  • Further customization to meet additional needs: Given the expertise of Dearman, Bluewing has leaned on Dearman to complete various customization projects and system upgrades to drive an even greater operational performance and continued labor savings

  • Streamlined company growth: As a superuser of Dearman and through its enterprise use of the software, Bluewing has been able to successfully grow its storage capacity from 50K bbls to 1.5MM bbls while reducing overall administrative overhead labor costs by about $300k

  • Cost savings through software: Given full adoption of Dearman's suite of business applications, Bluewing can continue to expand storage capacity without adding additional administrative employees

With Dearman's suite of Terminal Automation solutions, Bluewing and other bulk liquid storage operators can:

  • Maximize profits and increase throughput

  • Optimize inventory, scheduling and demand

  • Limit downtime with data backup

  • Capture real-time data and analytics

  • Ensure security, safety and government compliance

  • Empower operators with real-time info and controls

Download One Pager:

Dearman_BW Case Study Final
Download PPTX • 110KB

Interested to learn more about Dearman's Terminal Automation and Enterprise Management Software Solutions? Get in touch here.



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