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Terminal Automation for Today and Tomorrow’s Bulk Liquids Industry

Since 1988, Dearman Systems has been providing reliable terminal automation software to the bulk liquids industry. Over the past 15 years, we have expanded our footprint from bulk petroleum to include chemicals, petrochemicals, ethanol, low carbon and renewable fuels, and biofuels.

As it stands today, Dearman is an automation provider for the following products, serving customers around the world:

  • Crude oil storage

  • Refined products (gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, lubricants, etc) storage

  • Ethanol plants and storage

  • Biofuel refineries and storage

  • NGLs (propane, butane, iso-butane, ethane, etc) fractionation and storage

  • LNG processing and storage

  • Asphalt storage

  • Dry bulk storage

Flexible by design, proven in the field

Dearman’s terminal automation software has been able to grow to serve this wide variety of bulk liquids due to its flexible design — both at the web application and process control/hardware interface layers.

With our system’s ability to interface with a wide variety of devices and instrumentation (flow computers, weight scales, tank gauges) and software systems (such as accounting and ERP software), it only made sense for us to broaden the types of terminals automated by Dearman.

Product innovation, oil and gas digital transformation, and automating green energy facilities

As we look to tomorrow, Dearman continues to build new products and upgrade our existing core automation system.

  • LYNX, Dearman’s new cloud-based web app, connects the bulk liquids supply chain for operational efficiency and data visibility (Available now)

  • V5 TAS - Dearman’s upgraded terminal automation software system will feature an updated user interface, advanced reporting features, and rapid configuration management (Coming in 2023)

  • Data Entry Unit (DEU) V5 - Dearman’s new ruggedized gate entry unit for secure access/identification functionality (Available now)

The energy industry will continue to transition and Dearman will stand by our diverse customer base to support them through this process. Because of our flexible architecture, our products can serve bulk petroleum terminals and hydrogen terminals and everything in between. The future is bright.


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