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Real-Time Analytics: Dearman Systems Builds Integration with Microsoft Power BI

Dearman Systems is pleased to announce the commercial availability of our Microsoft Power BI integration. Dearman’s Power BI integration drives superior data visualization capabilities and gives terminal operators greater access to actionable real-time insights.

Terminal automation systems store lots of data. Power BI helps speed up reporting and unlock insights.

Dearman’s terminal automation systems aggregate large amounts of data from field devices and other third party sources.

Then customers utilize Dearman’s multi-terminal data unification product, UNITY, to aggregate data across multiple terminals and systems.

Dearman’s UNITY product provides standard operational and functional reporting capabilities. While this is enough to satisfy some reporting requirements, Dearman’s new Power BI integration allows companies to quickly create any additional reports they may need.

The Power BI integration helps to unlock the full value of all the terminal data living in customers’ UNITY databases. As highlighted below, the integration (1) makes detailed reporting easy for anyone at your company and also (2) allows you to provide better insights to your customers.

A unified data set that’s easy to report on:

  • Easy to use: The integration provides a simplified data structure / model for customers who may not be report builders, ultimately leading to easier, intuitive reporting capabilities for more parts of your organization

  • Unified reporting: Unify data from many sources to unlock insights

  • Modern visualizations: Create interactive, immersive dashboards and reports that are easy to understand and drive business results

Power BI integration facilitates a better terminal experience for your terminal customers and their customers:

  • Actionable data: put more data insights in the hands of your terminal customers and their customers to give them better visibility into their operations and product movements

  • Improve your terminal’s competitive advantage: with an improved customer experience you improve you terminal’s competitive commercial advantage

Contact us for a demo!

If you have any questions or would like a demo from a product specialist, please contact us here or email us at

Are you using a different business intelligence solution? Contact us about an integration.


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