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Dearman Systems from 1988 to Today

In 1988, Dearman Systems launched its terminal automation system to reduce manual processes and replace tedious paperwork with digital documentation.

Our focus on our customer’s profitability has propelled us from what started in midstream oil and gas to now include the entire bulk commodity industry and goes beyond terminal automation to combine the Internet of Things, Edge Computing, Artificial Intelligence, and Cloud to offer solutions for complete industrial automation.

What does that look like today?

Dearman Systems is able to transmit infinite data points across the supply chain of bulk commodities from origination to end use in real time. Throughout the operation, product is changing ownership, price, location and share of volume. Because Dearman is able to push and pull data across hardware and software in that process, the supply chain data becomes useful and valuable. Dearman and our customers work together to come up with solutions using that data to reduce operating cost, eliminate downtime and demurrage, decrease carbon footprint, improve safety, eliminate error and provide better experiences to their employees, suppliers and customers.



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