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Dearman Systems Closes On ‘Best Year Ever’

Dearman Systems, which was founded in 1988 “to automate manual processes in the fuel terminal industry”, has just closed on its best year to date, having grown revenues by over 35 percent in the last year alone.

CEO Sam Reid said the company “has embraced advancements in technology to improve upon traditional terminal automation products and increase investments in technologies that will improve customer’s profitability, zoning in on IoT, edge computing, artificial intelligence and cloud.”

He added: “We focus 100 percent of our efforts on ensuring our customers are equipped with cost-effective technology that will drive growth for them and their customers. Many of our customers have been unknowingly siloing valuable data that could empower them to make lucrative decisions if they were able to capture it. We enable them to capture, aggregate and delegate that data to do work for them in the most efficient way possible.”

Beyond enhancements in technology, the company has found ways to duplicate its successes in terminal automation to reach markets including chemical refining, renewable energy, fractionation sites, pipelines, water treatment facilities, agriculture, natural gas liquids (NGLs).

“Our solutions are too valuable to not be shared with other industries,” Reid said when asked about the decisions to expand into new markets. “We helped one of our terminal operator customers increase their throughput by ten times without adding a single head. That’s the power of automation. They have used their data to create a near perfect system that allows them to be extremely profitable, and the suppliers, customers and carriers that operate through them with our system are reaping operational benefits as well.”

Dearman Systems is actively working on a cloud-based product that will connect all parties involved in the bulk commodity supply chain, giving insight and order statuses to everyone involved in real-time, as well as eliminating much of the manual processes they currently deal with.

The product, which is called LYNX, is now on the market for select customers, but will be offered to all customers this year. Dearman said it is “actively hiring” to keep up with the increased demand.



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