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Enterprise Management

Dearman's UNITY product is the complete multi-terminal data unification tool. Share data between a central office and any number of terminals, in real-time.

A Single View Into Your Entire Operation

Securely unify data from all your terminals into a central hub. Then utilize our business applications to derive insights, see your entire inventory in real-time, and optimize your assets. 

Real-time, system-wide data storage & backup


Dearman UNITY Engine

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Business Applications

UNITY is designed to work together in different business application combinations. Your organization’s particular needs determine which applications you buy and use — empowering your decision makers to get the critical answers they need.



Scheduling and

Customer Orders

Contracts and







Compliance Reporting

Key Features and Benefits

UNITY functions in single or multiple terminal/site configurations whether automated, manual, or a combination of both.

  • Compatible with your existing terminal automation system from any vendor (provided the system is open or uses a published protocol)

  • Supports common third party transaction processing protocols (Petroex, TABS, TDS and ELVIS).

  • Cost effective solution for retrieving and efficiently utilizing and managing data from all of your terminals

  • With UNITY, a central office and any number of terminals can share data

  • A powerful database and set of functionalities from which the component applications draw on to run

  • Any unit-of measure can be converted to any other unit-of-measure on the fly (with virtually no rounding error) and is available to any component that UNITY is powering

How it works: It's not magic, it's UNITY

UNITY is the foundation for Enterprise Management. It provides the common user interface, data object sharing, and primary integration of the various business applications. UNITY is a transaction system that mimics terminal operations. The flow of products and services generate transactions in the UNITY database which are made available to the various business applications for tracking, reporting, control, and virtually limitless use cases.