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Contracts & Invoicing Module


Designed to meet the unique needs of the bulk liquids industries, Contracts establishes contract governance policies so that each type of contract follows a pre-defined or dynamic workflow, but always ensures it is within your organization's established business rules. The result is consistency, accountability, and improved visibility to authorized personnel.

  • Templating: Boiler-plate contract templates ensure consistent contract creation

  • Organization: Contract grouping for easy access

  • Record Keeping: On-line contract historian and reporting

  • More Features:

    • Multiple contact, invoice, and report recipient lists for each contract

    • Specific product or class of product

    • Effective start and end dates

    • Prices can be fixed or variable rate and can be downloaded from various exchanges

    • Rate and tariff type name and description

    • Minimum and maximum values for amount range calculations

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Simplify your operations by automating your billing functions. All invoices are prepared in the system and can be presented for final approval before billing action occurs. Invoice line items can be any type supported by a spreadsheet with subtotals and totals, credits/debits, as well as non-charged.

  • Pre-defined invoice cycles: continuous, daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly, etc

  • Invoice for rental or other services in advance for next cycle

  • Continuous totals for current cycle

  • Manual and/or automatic invoice generation

  • Invoices can be plain paper, fax, E-mail, or EDI

  • Credit risk outstanding

  • Invoices include all federal and state taxes and user fees

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