Analyzing Data

Enterprise Reporting

Unify all company data and unlock insights across your enterprise.

Powerful Data Aggregation.

Actionable Real-Time Insights.

Dearman's comprehensive Enterprise Reporting application is a powerful business intelligence tool that provides managers and operators with the necessary data and analytics to make evidence-based operational adjustments that maximize performance.




Orders & Invoices




Data Sources


Process & Prepare

Dearman Unity Engine

End User Insights

Customize your dashboard to get the data insights you need

Regardless of your function, you can customize your data dashboard to pull the data you need. Utilize tables and graphs to analyze data and make data-driven business decisions.

Key Features and Benefits


  • User-configurable dashboard allows for ultimate flexibility — graphics, tables, and data pulls

  • Application allows for organized, clean underlying data pulls to supplement graphical dashboard reporting

  • Powerful library of reporting capabilities: inventory, financials, operational KPIs, etc.

  • Dearman can interface with existing systems to allow for comprehensive, aggregated reporting across any key business departments/functions


  • Key stakeholders get the data they need based on their business function... right at their fingertips

  • Increase employee efficiency and significantly reduce time spent trying to track down manual reports across different business departments/functions

  • Dearman unifies all company data into central location unlocking insights and removing departmental silos